Low cost underwater acoustic modem for Makers of Underwater Things and OEMs!

We are excited to announce the low cost underwater acoustic modem solution based on our world leading direct sequence spread spectrum technology for under USD1000.00. This price is for small quantity and we can offer even more attractive price breaks for serious developers of solutions and products.

The low cost underwater acoustic modem has a nominal range of 500m and available in 100bps data rate whilst offering leading low power consumption. Even though the modems are low cost we haven’t compromised on the performance of these modems. These modems are robust in high noise and shallow water environments. Together with our low cost 35mm transducer priced at USD250.00, the solution pack opens up opportunities for product developers, makers and researchers to utilize the power of underwater wireless communication connectivity. The potential areas of applications are underwater internet of things, wireless control, wireless data reticulation, AUV control and numerous other applications such as Aquaculture.

We still offer the high performance Aquacomm Gen2 solutions with communication ranges of up to 10km and data rates up to 1kbps for demanding applications such as sub-sea oil and gas. However our market research has shown that the price tag of these high performance systems put them out of reach of many OEMs who wish to develop unique products.

We can also offer underwater wireless networking as well as acoustic ranging modems on this platform at a slightly higher cost. We can also customize solutions for your exact needs.

This offer is a limited time offer, so if interested please contact us without delay. In the future with greater adoption of this technology we will offer even more attractive pricing.

We hope to see you connecting underwater soon!