Aquacomm Gen2 is the latest generation underwater wireless modem built on the highly reliable and proven spread spectrum communications algorithms. Utilizing the latest generation power efficient floating point DSPs to offer high dynamic range and flexibility to enhance performance. This underwater wireless modem can work in a bucket of water to the deep ocean. We have proven the Gen2 underwater wireless modem over 8km distance in harsh shallow water environments.

Features Attributes Benefits
Highly reliable underwater wireless modems using floating point dynamic range
  • Purpose-designed algorithms and electronics for highly reliable underwater communications
  • Shown to be the most reliable in numerous independent tests by major organisations
  • Proven over many years of commercial use
  • Works in virtually any real-world sea state where others have failed
  • Dramatically reduce operational risks and maintenance costs
  • Brings certainty and confidence that your application will work
Low power consumption
  • Uses 10-20 times less power than competing products
  • Latest generation low power floating point DSP technology
  • Lower maintenance requirements and total cost of ownership
  • Broadens the types of applications AquaComm can be used for
Ease of integration
  • DSPComm is an OEM specialist
  • Small form factor, lightweight
  • Transparent command modes
  • Easy to understand command structure
  • Standard RS-232 connection for DCE-DTE
  • Quickly and successfully integrated with numerous products
  • Quick and low-cost integration
  • Lower total cost of ownership
Small form factor and lightweight
  • Single board formfactor up to 12W transmit power.
  • Available as two board formfactor with 30W output for 10km range
  • Less than half the size of competing modems
  • Broadens the types of applications AquaComm can be used for
  • OEM: AquaComm modem module for integrating into an OEM’s housing
  • Encased: AquaComm modem module encased in AquaCase
  • Aquacomm Gen 2 is available either as a single board modem with 10W capability or a two PCB version with 30W capability

Detailed technical specifications:

Parameter Details
Data rates 100 to 1000 bits per second depending on model
Bit Error Rate 10-6 bit error rate or better
Acoustic Doppler Tolerance High immunity to noise and to multi-path and Doppler fading.
Acoustic Doppler tolerance of +/- 15ms-1
Bandwidth Broadband operation 16Khz to 30Khz. Other bands available.
Range Tested to 8km range. Longer ranges possible
Modulation Direct sequence spread spectrum / OFDM
Error detection CRC16 error detection
Through water communications protocol Unicast, Broadcast and Network modem. Uses CSMA to reduce collisions.
Networking Ad-hoc Mesh Network capability (option)
Addressing Uniquely addressable. Six digit numeric address set through host command.
Receive sensitivity Ability to set the receive sensitivity
Transmit power Ability to set the transmit power level
Physical size 10cm x 7cm x 2cm (including transformer )
The high power version has got the same formfactor as the Gen1 modems.
Electronics Digital signal processor based
Power supply input voltage DC 5V to 12V
Current consumption @ 12V DC 60mA (nominal) in normal wake operation
6mA in power save receive
Less than 20uA in sleep model
External connections 10 pin screw terminal type header to connect host communications, reset line and wake up line and other control lines
2 pin Screw terminals for power connection
3 pin terminal to connect hydrophone transducer
Host communications RS232 serial communications.
configurable baud upto 11.2kbps baud (default),1 start bit, 1 stop bit, no parity
9600, 4800, 2400 or 1200 baud programmable
Either TTL voltage levels (3.3V) or RS232 voltage levels selectable
Host command Simple ASCII command set to configure and command the modem
Temperature range -5 degC to +50 degC