Many of your offshore projects require reliable underwater communications, where failure in the communications system can lead to costly maintenance, delays, production downtime, or environmental disaster.

DSPComm can help you reduce project execution risks and increase operational efficiency in your offshore projects. Our reliable and versatile AquaComms modems dramatically improve your underwater communication systems by:

  • Replacing your cabled system with a wireless system that offers high communications reliability, vastly increased flexibility by removing the cable, and significantly reduced deployment and maintenance time.
  • Providing crucial redundancy to your cabled systems.
  • Vastly expanding the scope of your control and monitoring activities underwater through applications not possible with cabled systems.

Some of the applications that Aqua Comm can be used for include:

  • Subsea production platform/tree actuator control and redundant systems.
  • Subsea real-time data reticulation and monitoring from instrumentation.
  • Pipeline monitoring for corrosion and hydrocarbon scale build up.
  • Down hole data transmission.
  • Data gathering/monitoring/control during exploration and production platform installation activity.
  • AUV/ROV/diver communications.
  • Underwater security monitoring system against saboteur threats.