Underwater assets are often costly items. For example, in oceanographic applications, several expensive instruments are deployed in a single package. Similarly in oil and gas applications, numerous instrumentation and other mobile devices such as ROVs, AUVs are used routinely.

If these assets malfunction or are lost, the cost impact comes not only from the high cost of the assets but also the steep labour and logistics costs related to deploying a new asset and the expensive delays to operations. Thus, the ability to monitor and locate these packages is important, so that the integrity of the package can be assured and the location can be tracked for later retrieval if required.

Aqua Comm delivers key benefits for this application due to the following:

  • Very reliable communications for high level of data throughput, even in harsh conditions, ensuring the asset can be monitored and located dependably.
  • Using the low power modes, the modems can conserve battery energy, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Built-in distance measurement function enables the package to be localised, so that it can be retrieved easily.

“DSPComm’s Aquacomm modems fulfil our requirements of high underwater communications reliability, low power consumption and simple integration… We recognise that we operate in harsh underwater environments, and we need partners and vendors that can understand our operating issues and commercial needs. We have found DSPComm to be very helpful and supportive of our requirements and also value adding in their suggestions.” More..