Lift bags are used to lift heavy and sometimes dangerous objects off the seafloor. The navies use lift bags to retrieve mines from sensitive areas and dispose them in safer areas. These are known as mine lift bags.

Gas bottles are used to inflate the lift bags under high pressure. This is a hazard to the disposal diver, as the mine could be set off due to the noise generated by the inflating gas. Using a wireless modem, the diver can retreat to a safe distance and send wireless commands to inflate the bag.

has been tested extensively for this application and is now being used globally, delivering key benefits due to the following:

  • Very reliable communications for high level of data throughput, even in harsh conditions, ensuring the commands can be sent dependably.
  • The modem’s small size makes it fit easily into the lift bag’s housing.
  • AquaComm fits the Min-Mag requirements, which ensure the mine is not set off with the magnetic signature.

“After undertaking lengthy evaluation of three modems, including the top names in the market, we chose DSPComm’s Aquacomm modem because it best met our requirements. We also needed a company that would work with us to deliver our product to the market. In that regard DSPComm proved to be a partner, not just a supplier.” More..