Subsea wireless telemetry and control is useful in a range of industries. For example, in the oil and gas industry, valves and actuators need to be controlled at the surface. Presently cables are used for this purpose. However deploying and maintaining cables is very costly, and there is limited flexibility in their deployment. Furthermore cabled systems require many connectors and junctions, which are well known to be weak points in the signal chain.

Due to the critical role played by telemetry and control devices in underwater infrastructure, it is becoming increasingly imperative for these devices to have redundant communications links to the surface. In this case, Aqua Comm is the ideal solution due to the following benefits it can deliver:

  • Very reliable communications for high level of data throughput, even in harsh conditions, ensuring the telemetry and control data can be delivered dependably.
  • Compared to cables, greater flexibility in choosing the installation position, as well as being a fraction of the cost to install and maintain.
  • Modems can be networked to simplify the system design and also set up in a multi-hop configuration so that data can be sent over long distances.
  • Using the low power modes, the modems can conserve battery energy, so that maintenance cycles to change batteries can coincide with scheduled maintenance operations.