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DSPComm’s reliable underwater acoustic modems make it easy for you to deploy underwater wireless communication systems. Aquacomm dramatically reduces your operational risks while providing compelling financial and time-to-deployment advantages.

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  • Validation by Schlumberger, a global leader providing high technology to the sub-sea Oil and Gas industry. We have worked with Schlumberger for over nine years providing modems for highly demanding projects in harsh environments. Schlumberger has validated our modems as fit for purpose, and a break through in highly reliable acoustic communications technology for the sub-sea oil and gas industry. Read the excellent testimonial by Schlumberger.
  • Low cost underwater wireless modems for Makers of underwater things and OEMs available now. See news below.


Underwater Wireless Communication Modem

Aquacomm underwater wireless communication systems are the ideal choice for underwater connectivity. When highly reliable underwater wireless communications, low power consumption, flexibility in design and integration are key requirements for the success of your product or project, Aqaucomm provides the answers at a cost effective price point.

Aqua Network:

Underwater  wireless communication modem with networking capability

AquaNetwork modems are standard AquaComm underwater modems with added networking capability. With the advent of IOT underwater the need for deploying numerous underwater sensors nodes in a network configuration is growing rapidly.

Aqua Case:

Underwater pressure housing

AquaCase is an underwater housing designed and manufactured with precision engineering. AquaCase housings are purpose built to house Aquacomm underwater modems for harsh environments. The housings can be tailored to customer needs.

Aqua Base:

Deck unit

AquaBase is a plug-and-play deck unit for the surface platform such as a boat or a pier to house the Aquacomm underwater modems. AquaBase is a splash-proof, small-size package that can be easily carried by a person to locations where they need to communicate with other subsurface modems.

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About DSP Comm

DSPComm was founded in the year 2000 in Perth, Australia, with the purpose of bringing rock-solid reliability and unprecedented versatility to underwater wireless modems.

Underwater acoustic modems can deliver financial and operational advantages that are an order of magnitude superior to wired systems. Often this potential is rarely realized, because modems from other suppliers simply do not communicate reliably, too bulky and power hungry.

Today, we are one of the fastest growing companies in the underwater acoustic modem market. Our modems are used by some of the top names in the industry in applications that require the highest level of reliability, performance and versatility the market can offer.

We have now set up an engineering and manufacturing facility in Thailand to support our expanding client base and business.

We looked at the underwater communications vendors globally for a suitable solution for our product. The reliability of underwater communications was our key requirement, but we also needed a cost-competitive modem with low power consumption and small footprint.After undertaking a lengthy evaluation of three modems, including the top names in the market, we chose DSPComm's Aquacomm modem because it best met our requirements. We also needed a company that would work with us to deliver our product to the market. In that regard, DSPComm proved to be a partner, not just a supplier.


Thales Safare provides acoustic and communication products to navies and armies worldwide. It is in the naval division of the Thales Group, a global electronics and systems group with EUR13bn in annual revenues. Thales Safare supplies to combat system integrators, shipyards, and Ministries of Defence in over 30 countries... Upon completing this evaluation, we found DSPComm's AquaComm modem was the only one to meet all our selection criteria. Most keys to this decision for us was we could ensure we maintained our credibility and reputation with our customers for reliable, quality products. We have found DSP Comm's Aqua comm product range to be more than capable in this regard.

Thales Safare

MetOcean Engineers Pty Ltd is a leading consultancy providing oceanographic and meteorological services in support of coastal and ocean engineering and environmental protection. We are one of the largest companies in Australia providing such services to the oil and gas industry successfully.We have extensive experience working with underwater equipment and have been involved with wireless modem integration projects in the past. Because of the benefits our clients can gain from underwater wireless communication, we have a strategic plan to integrate underwater wireless modem functionality into some of our products…… We concluded that DSPComm's Aquacomm modem fulfil our requirements of high underwater communications reliability, low power consumption and simple integration. We are now formalising our integration plans and will commence manufacture and deployments over the coming months so that underwater wireless communications capability with our instruments are available off the shelf. We anticipate these products will enable us to deliver significant advantages to our clients' business.

MetOcean Engineers

White Paper on Underwater Modems