Manjula Ellepola

Manjula is arguably one of the world’s best acoustic underwater communications engineers, having developed a series of state-of-the art advancements in this field. He started working on underwater acoustic communications as an engineer at a leading marine technology company. He was instrumental in solving the reliability issues in communicating underwater through a breakthrough in applying digital spread spectrum based on acoustics. Based on this core technology, this high tech company was able to develop the most advanced systems for its high-end niche markets in the offshore and defence industries.

Ivan Gustavino

Ivan is an established authority on issues related to technology businesses and the marketing of emerging technologies. Possessing over 20 years experience in technology and business management, Ivan has advised a large number of technology businesses at the board level, including Woodside Energy Ltd , Telstra Corporation Ltd, Digital Technologies International, CSRP, Worley Parsons, Encom Technology, Paladin Ltd and Karjeni. Ivan has extensive experience managing and building technology businesses, including helping to build one of the leading international mining technology companies.