We invest a substantial portion of our revenues into R&D, as we continually push the envelope on the reliability and versatility of underwater wireless modems. This section shows some of our products under development.

  • Networking-layer module
  • AquaComm 1kbps and 4kbps modems
  • AquaComm 10km

Networking-layer module
We are developing a controller board that will implement a networking layer so users who don’t have the capability to develop their own networking layer can use our modems by simply plugging in their instruments or other data sources. This card will include extra memory for data store and forward features, data logging, several inputs for sensors, several serial ports, and extended sleep modes.

AquaComm 1kbps and 4kbps modems
Our future modems will be able to handle nominal data rates of 1000 bits/sec and 4000 bits/sec. These modems will be based on the same tried and tested advanced direct sequence spread spectrum technology to provide a highly reliable underwater communications link. These data rates will allow applications such as underwater digital voice communications and for higher sampling rate instruments to send data to the surface.

AquaComm 10km
The AquaComm signalling technology is capable of extended communications range underwater. The range achievable by the current modems is limited mainly by their low transmit powers. We are developing power-efficient transmit amplifiers that will allow AquaComm to operate to a distance of 10km.