DSPComm’s modems make it easy for you to deploy reliable underwater wireless communications systems, dramatically reducing your operational risks while providing compelling financial and time-to-deployment advantages.

  • Aqua Comm: Underwater wireless modem that is the ideal choice for underwater communications when utmost reliability and flexible design integration are critical to your application’s success. AquaComm is available in 100 bit/sec and 480 bit/sec versions and in two forms:
    • OEM: AquaComm modem module for integrating into an OEM’s housing
    • Encased: AquaComm modem module encased in AquaCase
  • Aquacomm Gen2: Aquacomm Gen2 is the latest generation Acoustic modem built on the same highly reliable and proven communication methodology built on the latest floating point DSPs to bring higher dynamic range and reliability..
  • Aqua Network: underwater wireless modem with networking capability that includes all the features of AquaComm and is the only product in the market that provides true networking capability.
  • Aqua Case: underwater housing purpose built for harsh underwater environment.
  • Aqua Base: plug-and-play base unit for the surface platform.
  • Aqua Trans: low-cost underwater acoustic hydrophone transducer tailored for use with the modems.