Diving is a rapidly growing activity globally, be it for commercial or recreational purposes. It is well known that diving is hazardous and serious or fatal accidents occur regularly.

Diving can be made safer if an effective underwater communication system is available. Imagine being able to communicate with the diver and monitor his position as well as vital statistics at the surface. If the diver is in trouble or has strayed too far, then other divers can be sent to his assistance, or the diver in trouble can alert others for assistance.

At present there is no effective communications solution, and divers rely on hand signage for limited form of visual communication. All too often there is low visibility underwater, and this primitive form of visual communication fails.

Aqua Comm can provide the missing link for diver communications where text messages can be sent to and received from the diver. The diver can be sent his position from the surface so that he can stay within range. Such a system will revolutionise diver communication and safety.

AquaComm is ideal for diver communications due to the following:

  • Very reliable communications for high level of data throughput, even in harsh conditions, ensuring data and messages can be delivered dependably.
  • Low power consumption to maximise battery life, allowing battery weight to be reduced.
  • The modem’s small size and light weight mean that it can be easily strapped to the diver.