Water management authorities monitor the discharge of ground water into water bodies to ascertain pollution and other effluent flows. This is an important function as with increased human development, there is increased pollution, and water is becoming a scarce resource globally.

The seepage monitors use many sensors to measure various parameters. Numerous cables are used to reticulate the sensor data to the surface. The cabled solution was found to be impractical and costly due to cable failure, vandalism, and high maintenance costs.

These issues can be overcome by using an underwater wireless communications system. AquaComm also brings additional key benefits to this application due to the following:

  • Very reliable communications for high level of data throughput, even in harsh conditions, ensuring the sensor data can be delivered dependably and in real time.
  • Compared to cables, greater flexibility in choosing the monitoring position, as well as being a fraction of the cost to install and maintain.
  • Using the low power modes, the modems can conserve battery energy, reducing maintenance costs.