Diving is an industry increasing in popularity, though it is well known it is a hazardous activity, as there are many things that can go wrong. In spite of the inherent risks underwater, communications between divers and between divers and the surface are non-existent or primitive.

With a reliable wireless communications system such as Aqua Comm, it is possible to have a communications system for divers so that diving is made safer. This means the surface can keep track of the diver and send messages to other divers or send assistance should a diver get into trouble.

AquaComm could revolutionise the diving industry making it safer and more accessible to a wider audience. The industry also benefits from lower insurance and operational costs. Some of the applications that AquaComm can be used for in diving are:

  • Communications with the surface and other divers
  • Diver being able to send distress calls
  • Diver recall and assistance provision
  • Real-time instructions and data to divers carrying out complex underwater tasks such as on subsea oil rigs
  • Diver tracking and sending position information to divers