Defence has been a pioneer in the use of underwater communications systems. Such systems have been used in applications that range from submarine communications to diver communications and remote underwater monitoring, command and control.

In these applications, reliable and covert communication is a basic necessity. Unreliable or unsecured systems introduce unacceptable risks and can lead to loss of assets and lives. DSPComm thrives on fulfilling this fundamental requirement. We have chosen defence as one of the strategic markets to demonstrate our modems’ highly reliable and secure communications in harsh underwater conditions. Our modems are now being deployed by navies worldwide.

Some of the underwater wireless communications applications for the defence industry are:

  • Submarine communications systems including AUV communications.
  • Mine lift bags, which are used to retrieve mines from sensitive areas and dispose them in safer areas.
  • Diver communications systems that are used by special forces, e.g. for mine clearance
  • Communication systems and underwater networks to various underwater instrument packages such as listening devices.
  • Wide area networks that interface to radio-based systems at the surface, such as network-centric warfare systems.

“Thales Safare… decided to underiake an evaluation of al1 underwater wireless data communication products and any R&D worldwide to understand what the global market had to offer. Our key criteria were: 1) reliability, 2) product size, and 3) ease of integration. As all these criteria were critical to us, we undertook a significant investment and detailed testing program of numerous modems sourced globally.

Upon completing this evaluation, we found DSPComm’s AquaComm modem was the only one to meet all our selection criteria. Most key to this decision for us was we could ensure we maintained our credibility and reputation with our customers for reliable, quality products. We have found DSPComm’s Aquacomm product range to be more than capable in this regard.” More..