Company OverviewDSPComm’s modems make it easy for you to deploy reliable underwater wireless communications systems, dramatically reducing your operational risks while providing compelling financial and time-to-deployment advantages.

Underwater wireless modems that work every time and in any practical deployment scenario
Imagine being able to install and maintain your underwater communications system at an order of magnitude quicker and cheaper than using cabled systems. Now imagine being able to do this with the versatility of a wireless system and the confidence that your system will just work.

At DSPComm, we founded our company on the premise that bulky and power hungry underwater wireless modems that only work most of the time are unacceptable.

We have the vision that truly reliable and versatile modems will unlock the real potential of underwater wireless communications and finally deliver the cost savings and competitive advantages to your business that you’ve been promised for so long.

“After undertaking lengthy evaluation of three modems, including the top names in the market, we chose DSPComm’s Aquacomm modem because it best met our requirements. We also needed a company that would work with us to deliver our product to the market. In that regard DSPComm proved to be a partner, not just a supplier.”  For more details See Fiomarine Testimonial »


Rock-solid reliability
Each aspect of DSPComm’s modems has been researched and designed to give you the certainty and confidence that your application will work every time and practically anywhere, which means you significantly reduce your deployment risks and maintenance costs.

This is made possible due to the breakthrough we’ve made in optimising the algorithms and electronics for underwater communications. Our proprietary Digital Spread Spectrum algorithm enables our modem to compensate for the Doppler effect and severe reverberations in the underwater channel, allowing data to be transmitted reliably in practically any sea state.

“Thales Safare… decided to underiake an evaluation of al1 underwater wireless data communication products and any R&D worldwide to understand what the global market had to offer. Our key criteria were: 1) reliability, 2) product size, and 3) ease of integration. As all these criteria were critical to us, we undertook a significant investment and detailed testing program of numerous modems sourced globally.


Upon completing this evaluation, we found DSPComm’s AquaComm modem was the only one to meet all our selection criteria. Most key to this decision for us was we could ensure we maintained our credibility and reputation with our customers for reliable, quality products. We have found DSPComm’s Aquacomm product range to be more than capable in this regard.”  For more details see Thales Safare Testimonial >>

Unprecedented deployment versatility
Our modems are light weight, have ultra low power consumption, small form factor, ease of integration, and networking capability. All these features are made possible by using optimised algorithms that work efficiently underwater, instead of throwing more computational muscle and larger power-hungry processors at the problem. This means you can use wireless modems for applications never before possible and just as importantly, accelerate the time to deployment and reduce the overall systems cost.

Instead of redesigning your system to take in the extra weight and volume of a bulky modem and the extra power it’ll drain, your team is free to devote their time to other design aspects that are critical to the application’s success.

Listen to the people who matter: our customers
Some of the top names in the industry are already using our modems in the most demanding applications and challenging underwater environments. Where utmost reliability and flexible design integration are critical to deployment success, our modems have consistently come up top in every comparative study our customers have done.

“DSPComm’s Aquacomm modems fulfil our requirements of high underwater communications reliability, low power consumption and simple integration… We recognise that we operate in harsh underwater environments, and we need partners and vendors that can understand our operating issues and commercial needs. We have found DSPComm to be very helpful and supportive of our requirements and also value adding in their suggestions.”  For more details see MetOcean testimonial »