Your industry probably has the most experienced users of underwater communication systems, both cabled and wireless. Wireless systems have indisputable cost and deployment flexibility advantages over cabled systems. However you’d probably have found that the experience to date with wireless communication systems has been less than satisfactory as your industry has been dogged with unreliable acoustic modem technologies.

Lack of reliability is disruptive because the cost impact of such failures comes not only from the high cost of your instrumentation package but also the steep labour and logistics costs related to deploying a new package and the expensive delays to operations.

You also have important requirements related to integration, which would have been a major source of aggravation as conventional modems are heavy and bulky and have high power consumption. Conventional modems are also painful to integrate, often requiring lengthy and labour intensive customisation. These issues frustrate your ability to speed up your time to deployment and reduce integration costs.

We understand your key criteria of reliability, versatility, and ease of integration when it comes to selecting underwater modems. Our Aqua Comm product range is specifically designed to deliver on the key requirement of reliability while providing deployment versatility due to our modem’s light weight, low power consumption, and small size. Our OEM module’s “plug & play” interface makes it easy to be integrated with your products.

Some of the applications AquaComm can be used for include:

  • Collection of real-time oceanographic data
  • AUV/ROV/diver communications
  • Data gathering/monitoring/control for any of your marine applications
  • River seepage monitoring
  • Remotely managed data acquisition and command control via satellite
  • Managing your underwater assets through location-based services (LBS)

“DSPComm’s Aquacomm modems fulfil our requirements of high underwater communications reliability, low power consumption and simple integration… We recognise that we operate in harsh underwater environments, and we need partners and vendors that can understand our operating issues and commercial needs. We have found DSPComm to be very helpful and supportive of our requirements and also value adding in their suggestions.” More..