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Underwater Acoustic Ranging by DSPComm

DSPComm has developed and demonstrated a high precision underwater acoustic ranging (distance measurement) acoustic modem using the latest generation AqucommGen2 modems. The Gen2 acoustic modems can achieve an astounding precision of less than +/-1cm accuracy. We have tested these underwater wireless modems in a closed body of water which is highly reflective and proven that even in this difficult environment the Gen2 ranging acoustic modems are capable of combating the multi-path reflections and produce the astounding accuracy. This however didn’t happen by accident as our expert team of DSP and embedded engineers toiled for many hours innovating and testing the system.

Applications for underwater ranging

We are excited about the numerous applications that this innovation will make possible. For example in localization and tracking of AUVs as well as AUV autonomous navigation. Another example is for precise sub-sea surveying for offshore oil and gas applications.  The system could also be used for dynamic positioning systems (DPS) for vessels and ROVs. Most traditional DPS system do not offer data transfer whereas the Gen2 modems offer peer to peer as well as ad hoc sub-sea wireless networking all in the same device (options).

These modems are capable of 5km range standard and with the high power version as much as 10km range is achievable. In long range practical applications the distance measurement will be affected by ray bending due to the thermocline in the water column. However if the temperature profile is measured  or by the use of multiple devices it is possible to estimate and factor out the thermocline. The fusion of data and ranging will allow many sub-sea applications to be cost effective.

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