“Key Issues to Consider in Underwater Acoustic Communications and Underwater Wireless Modem”

  • Defeated by unrealiable wireless communications underwater?
  • Desperate to choose an optimal wireless modem for your system?
  • Frustrated and confused by specifications claimed by modem vendors?

Underwater wireless communications have always been challenging because water is a highly unreliable and volatile communication medium. This changes the conventional rules of wireless communications and makes it frustrating for you to choose the optimal system that has the reliability and versatility demanded by your application.

In this White Paper, we distill 10+ years of hands-on experience in the leading edge of underwater wireless communications and tell you:

  • The new rules you must learn to make underwater wireless communications work for you
  • The single most important information you must know about modulation methods
  • Why Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum will rule the world of underwater acoustic communications.
  • How you can cut through the marketing hype and objectively compare vendor specifications.
  • A no-nonsense industry insider’s vendor checklist you can use to interview, assess, and select your vendor.
  • How to make sure your underwater networking system doesn’t collapse in a disastrous failure.

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